The Boy Scouts of America requires all adults, in a leadership position, take an online youth protection course. For more information click here. For the safety of our boys, we ask that all parents and guardians take the 20 minute on-line course. At the end of the course you will be presented with a certificate. Please enter your name and date then provide leadership with a copy.

The Diocese of Camden requires all adults who participate in youth activities be fingerprinted so a background check can be completed. In addition, each adult is required to take a Child Assault Protection (CAP) course. While we appreciate your assistance, the protection of the children is our first priority. Click here for more details.

Child Assault Prevention (CAP):
CAP is the safe environment training program for adults who have regular contact with minors. Please click here to see a list of class times and locations. Contact Cynthia Cifelli at Our Lady of Hope Parish to register for the class. She can be reached at 856-228-4331 or There is no cost to you to take these classes. If you have never taken a CAP course then you must first take CAP 1. A CAP course must be taken every five years. If you have taken one within the last five years then you can take CAP 2 if you prefer.

Finger Printing:
Forms can be obtained from the Our Lady of Hope Parish office. After you have contacted the parish, visit IdentoGo to find a location and schedule your appointment. Our Lady of Hope Parish will reimburse you for this expense. This must be completed prior to any Scout functions outside our normal Pack meetings.

Health and Medical Forms:
An annual health & medical form is required when joining and at the beginning of every calendar year. Consider keeping an unsigned copy for your records so that you do not need to fill out the entire form every year. You can find links to these forms here under the “Parent Forms and Resources section”.

Publicity Consent Form:
The publicity consent form permits us to use your scout’s picture in different media. We never
use a scout’s full name nor do we connect a name to a face. Please visit the Parent Forms and Resources section to download the form.

Keep copies of your health form, fingerprint and youth protection course information.